#80, part the private and the public life

#80 is a minimal modular collection designed by Camilla Aggestrup. This designer is from Denmark and her main ambition was to create an innovative collection of furniture. This collection has been presented in the London Design Fair the last year. Her ideology is based in the interaction of the products in our daily life. Make the furniture participant in our lives, as if it was essential for our day by day.

In this case, the #80 collection is based on the idea of wanting that daily corner which each person needs to think, reflect, read,… Ultimately, being alone, with ourselves and nobody else. Creating this way not only an still object, but to simplify the life, this gesture of being alone.

On the other hand, it is seek to challenge the form and the material. With this, the designer wanted to mix the antique craft with the language of modern life. Playing with a tissue of design very well known and bring it to a new area of furniture. As the size as the material crete transparency. The configuration between them are several and there are different ratings of privacy.

‘In #80 we need to feel ourselves to show passion in life. The only way is to have an awareness moment – I call it – through the day.’

The main furniture is the one with the corner. The main that was emerged from the concept of the user privaticity. It can be complemented with the version that does not have the corner, or with another one with corner. This allows to create a kind of sofa, and complement it with some cushions. The structure consists in a metallic rod which makes all the outline of the armchair, with a framework in wood and the tissue adds rigidity. This allows to create the seat and the back.

To complement this armchairs, was designed also a side table consistent with the collection to supplement the comfort of the user. So, when he isolates from the world, can put all he is wearing with him on the table and at sight. To be more relaxed and quiet. The materials, treated in a craft way, give a huge quality in each detail of the seat.

Another useful complement in #80 it would be the magazine bag, which allows to let all the things by hand about what we would like to read or save. The option of the colours that are presented are black and white. Fundamental basics and easy to combine them in each space.