A-Beam, the combination of craftsmanship and light engineering

A-Beam is the new terracotta luminaire created by the London-based Hand&Eye Studio. The study led by the architect Tom Housden was created in 2011 and since then they have developed projects that follow a carefully designed line of work.

The new A-Beam terracotta luminaire is an extruded ceramic beam that houses the latest in LED lighting technology. The combination of craftsmanship and high precision engineering come together to create a unique suspended illumination.


The result is a product that adds the warmth and imperfection of the clay to this highly engineered architectural light. The illuminated space acquires these qualities, summarizing them in a simple floating line horizontally.


A-Beam is a luminaire from the Hand & Eye studio that mixes the imperfections of clay with the efficiency of highly engineered lighting


A-Beam is made with the highest quality, with a tolerance of +/- 1.5mm along its entire length. Two models are available according to measures of length: 1600mm and 1800mm. The A-Beam is a custom-made profile that allows the LED and diffuser to slide inside the lamp section. In this way, all the lighting equipment is hidden, obtaining a simple suspended terracotta line.


The A-Beam attaches through two wires as they provide flexibility in adapting to the space it illuminates. Currently there are two models according to their color: terracotta and grey earthenware. In the future, it is planned to add color to the clay, obtaining new finishes.


The fruit of the work of the Hand & Eye studio is the union of a product produced in collaboration with small manufacturers, all being teachers in their guild. This allows experimentation in the design process and the compression of materials is always present.


Photograph of Hand&Eye Studio.