A contemporary barn north of New York


Worrell Yeung projects a minimalist black barn on a traditional property in upstate New York.

The minimalist structure  is an addition to a traditional property located on a 12-hectare plot in the city of Ancram, New York.

This modern barn adopts an unmistakably contemporary design approach, while incorporating key elements of the vernacular agrarian language of the Hudson Valley region.

Oriented along an east-west axis, the Ancram Barn is composed of two separate sections, and covers 140 square meters. The western part is tucked into the hillside, and is completely closed.


This area forms a large garage for two cars, with additional storage space.

Inside, the prefabricated wooden scissor frame structure and the wooden frame are exposed. The other part of the barn is described as a flexible and covered outside room.

More refined finishes were chosen for this part of the barn, since the residents of the nearby house use it for outdoor meals or for relaxing in the shade.


The hemlock boards used inside this space coincide with the exterior cladding, although the external boards are dyed black to improve weather resistance.

The selections of materials everywhere were made to be durable and require little maintenance given the climatic zone. Wood is used as an integrating material with the medium that surrounds the barn on a concrete base on which it is positioned to the light element of sheet and wood.

The traditional rural architecture of Upstate New York also informed the design of a gallery added to the residence of an artist in the region by architect Koray Duman.

Photography: Magda Biernat