Ambrosia is a space based on the relation of time, matter and space.


Ambrosia’s design starts from a question: Is time the new luxury of today? The studio Ciszak Dalmas with the collaboration of Matteo Ferrari were in charge of carrying out the reform of this fashion store, located in the streets of Madrid. It is based on the relation between time, matter, and space. These young architects understand how through the choice of colors, textures, and materials, it is possible to give deeper meaning to a brand. As the store is crossed, the sensations vary, trying to answer the initial question: Is time today’s new luxury?



Ambrosia is composed of two atmospheres with their own identities. In the first room, where the space adjacent to the entrance exhibits the merchandise, the flexibility of the space with the items on display allow a free composition of the floor plan. Within this scenario, the products exhibited achieve harmony under the brightness of natural light. Time is a present and triggering theme, so the history of the building is valued and celebrated. The old walls, which denote the passage of time, have been cleaned to maintain their original finish in some sections. The ethereal character of the furniture on which the products rest are in balance with the heaviness of the counter formed by the exotic Onix stone and walnut wood.


Ambrosia shows how the selection and combination of the light, the color palette, and various textures, are the tools capable of evoking different sensations.



While the first room is a wide and open space, the proceeding chamber becomes its opposite where perceptions differ. The selection of its materials aims to slow down ones journey and turn it into a welcoming and personal space. Dimmer lights, pastel colors, and soft textures, such as those offered by velvet, achieve an intimate and delicate atmosphere. This last space culminates in a large dressing room, where the personal scenario proposes a reflection of the idea of time. This atmosphere allows us to withdraw and cherish the time we dedicate to ourselves as one of the most valuable elements in ones life.



Ambrosia gives example of how through design and conceptual ideas it is possible to manipulate a volume in search of an emotional response in the users.


Photography by Ricardo Labougle.