Around, coffee tables that keeps the coffee where it belongs

Around is a set of coffee tables designed by Thomas Bentzen. He has been working in Louise Campbell Studio, but he started with his own studio in 2010. Also he is co-founder of the design collective of Copenhagen, called REMOVE. He has exposed in the Danish Design School. He can design and create everything that could be functional and simple. Things that are useful for the human necessities, but also creates joy while it is not in use.

In this case Around is a set of tables which its sizes are small, large and extra-large. The peculiarity of this tables it’s the pronounced border that presents. This is used to keep the coffee where it belongs. In the event of any liquid falls off, the border will redirect it to the opening that is made on for this cases.

At the same time the opening is thought to get a better cleaning so the remains of dirt on the borders can be retired easily. They are inspired on the 50’s and 60’s borders of Scandinavian furniture. Considering the constructive way as contemporary.

All the form that involves Around makes it functional and elegant, as warm and cozy

As it names says, ‘around’ is the point of union. The communication for the people. To sit around Around and talk about what’s necessary. It has a form and identity very modern. It’s made from materials and crafts that reflects the Scandinavian values.

This tables not only can be bought individually. Between them, and thanks to the different highs and sizes can be combined a lot of options of composition. Being superimposed between them or one next to each other. They are forms which allows to play with them and its collocation. The amount of this tables and the compositions are indefinite.

As it has been told, it has three sizes and more than eight different finishes. Around can be adapted as in homes as in public spaces. The main materials are wood, such as ash, oak, plywood or solid wood. The legs are made of PU (polyurethane) in some cases.