Atelier Z by Paulo Santa Cruz Architects


Atelier Z is located in a historical building in the center of the city of Porto, Portugal. The project consists of transforming one of the houses of this building into the office of Paulo Santa Cruz Architects. Its small size, 55 square meters, its orientation and relation with the urban environment are suitable to turn the space into a contemporary office.


Atelier Z is organized in six different areas: work area, meeting area, storage area, kitchen and bathroom. The spaces are distributed in a corridor enclosing the service spaces (kitchen and bathroom) and giving continuity to the rest of the space.


The service spaces are hidden in an equipped wall that gives privacy and generates the ephemeral occupation of space. In contrast, the area of activity of Atelier Z requires greater spatial fluidity and luminosity.


In Atelier Z a thread of light creates the necessary unit to sew the different workspaces


In the work area a virtual separation is conceived between the meeting area where the customer will be received and the work area, located in a larger area and with greater natural light. This filter will hide the printing machines and other large objects. Everything is complemented by a large storage area in the form of a shelf that occupies the entire length of the office.


In order to create this concept of unity, Atelier Z was painted all white with the exception of the gray floor and paramentos of the toilet, thus managing to contrast the space.


The minimalist line is reinforced by achieving horizontality throughout the space of Atelier Z. It escapes vertical elements that interrupt the vision throughout the entire stay and is accompanied by a large linear luminaire that runs through the entire space.



Photograph by  Joao Morgado.