AXYL, the collection that uses recycled materials

AXYL is a collection designed by Benjamin Hubert, from the experience design agency LAYER. This collection is thought to be produced for a brand of furniture in the UK called Allermuir. It will be introduced in September, in the London Design Festival. In concrete, in the Somerset House. To carry out this fittings have passed two years, since the idea to the manufacture.

This collection is based on basic furnitures and easy to combine between them to create an optimal space in bars and restaurants. AXYL consists on a chair with or without arms, a stool and a coffee table. Apart from being a design completely different, as basis has de A-frame and the Danish Mid-Century.

It is worth stressing of this design the commitment that always has LAYER to reduce emissions and impact during the manufacturing. Therefore, the materials respect the environment. The legs are made mainly of aluminium. This is recycled and only uses the 5% of the necessary energy to create new aluminium. On the other hand, the surfaces can be made of different materials, but all of them are low impact. As the wood recycled fiber, recovered wood and recycled nylon.

In AXYL what has been defended is ‘something old into something new’ to create this eco-conscious collection

AXYL maintains the A-frame and the Mid-Century wrap Danish to create some new forms. The chair is made from geometrical soft injection, fact that allows to wrap comfortably the user when this is seated. This form allows to place a pillow as an option. Furthermore, talking in a more technical way, it has been sought to be stackable and easy to storage.

Moreover, the coffee table and the stool, as same as the chair, one part is made of recycled aluminium. It is curved to make the forms more soft and pleasant, without being aggressives neither forced. Thus, as the designer as the brand creates new forms and formats, seeking to overcome the fundamental requirement of each furniture. So, of each piece, it is made something special and different with each of the details that composes this pieces.