Balloon, 3D printed light lamp

Balloon is an environmental light lamp, thought by Chris Granneberg. This American industrial designer, after being graduated from Pratt High School of Design, started working for Karim Rashid and the multi-national PepsiCo. The experience obtained during his time in contact with relevant people from the creative world encourages him creating his own work studio. Creating honest, thoughtful and well-solved products, close to users, are his main aims as a designer.

His interests in the area of packaging, furniture, and light took him to work across actively with Gantri Their human treat is based on a deep understanding, close to the Brand, been adapted to their target group and the market needs.

Gantri’s Company support the ideas from new visionaries, always trying to take closer design to your home. By using 3D print technology as a way of production they are adapting their processes to a new era. Designers such as Chris generate new models with the basics elements of the Brand. Going on sale after a process of verifying and validating it.

There is no need of being a design-savvy to enjoy a really good product. Chris’s finality with Balloon is to achieve, independently of the typology, memorable products for the consumer.

Trying to focus on an object able of fitting anywhere in the house, he came up with the idea of Balloon. It was looking to Achille Castiglioni and George Nelson’s light projects hoe he was inspired to generate Balloon aesthetics’. Finally achieving a shape, similar to a balloon or modern zeppelin which transmits warm and serenity.

Balloon’s base was though for being 3d printed. Before that, craftsmen manually finish the Surface, making it softer. A quick and easy way of turning ideas into high-quality tangible products. Moreover, the electronic components from Granti allow a correct and long-lasting use of the lamp.