Bernardes, ageless and spiritual furniture

The Bernardes collection designed by Andreu Carulla for the Silleria Vergés it is composed of a chair, a bench and an armchair. Winner of a Silver Delta Award of Adi-Fad.Bernardes-andreu-carulla-more-with-less-design-magazine-13

Bernardes, it’s a timeless collection for its traditional technique and its fresh and modern appearance.

Bernardes-andreu-carulla-more-with-less-design-magazine-05Bernardes has been thought from its conception for the site in which it would be used. Specifically, an old convent. Currently is the Centro Cultural Bernardes.
Bernardes-andreu-carulla-more-with-less-design-magazine-02Andreu Carulla wanted to capture the austere and discreet aureus of a convent. Contain that religious spirituality in the furniture. But adding the practicality and comfort that the furniture of a convent lacks.

To achieve this austerity Bernardes renounces to modernity, saying goodbye to trends. Look for furniture that may have been made hundreds of years earlier. To reach this result, Bernardes focuses on technique and finishes. A treated wood like structure and profile of the furniture. It defines the contours with smooth and warm curves. A treatment of wood as potent as Thonet still continues doing after centuries. Vergés shows his delicate work with wood.
Bernardes-andreu-carulla-more-with-less-design-magazine-07The oval forms that form the seat and back leave a generous void. It is a lightweight furniture visually thanks to the traditional wickerwork that covers these gaps contoured with soft wood profiles. This fine “cloth” provides great comfort to the collection. This framework is widely used to maintain the spiritual privacy of believers in churches.
At the same time it is a furniture of robust structure to undergo the passage of time. The treatment of the slow curves in wood, allow to obtain a material robustness, and a visual and calm lightness, thanks to the transparency of the wicker like if it were a light lattice.
Pure forms and ancient techniques with transparency and balance, Bernardes acquires a timeless presence.