A birdwalk, an opportunity to be noticed

ODDO Architects took to another level the traditional birdhouse, turning it into a birdwalk. They have designed an observation point for birds, given that they are a great source of inspiration for colors, shapes, and sounds.

They compare it with a fashion catwalk, where the birds can show their own beauty, as the models on the traditional catwalks do.

The solution for the birds’ catwalk, offers multiple possibilities to watch them. The birdwalk that they created turns the traditional birdfeeder in an attraction point of the garden.

The architects placed the stage at the entrance of the small house. This stage allows the birds stand on it and “parade” through the small scenario which extends from the construction.

Birdwatching might be complicated while they are flying, and that birdwalk wants to be a solution to it.

Build on three legs, the birdswalk offers a perfect observation of the birds, while it gives them a safe place to feed.

The “scenario” is extended through the main structure, offering the opportunity to spot robins, bluejays or blackbirds, while they go in and out.

Inside them, they find a small feeder and a window, which allows them to watch outside and for natural light to enter.

After a period observing the birds on the birdwalk, the architects concluded that there isn’t a lot of difference between the traditional fashion catwalk and the solution that they offer.

This is surely given because the male birds usually use this point to show themselves and impress the females.

In that way, the two types of catwalks turn into observation and demonstration of beauty points.


Photographies from Daniel Lívečka.

Images courtesy of ODDO architects.