Bonpart, simplicity in products for the hábitat

Bonpart is a product design studio based in Vienna. Specialized in the development of furniture projects for the habitat. Formed by Lukas Gstöttner and Verena Waidmann two young designers who have just presented part of their work at the Milan Fair. One of his works, the bookcase with spotlights Bibliophil is nominated to the prizes of the German design for this year 2017.


Bibliophil, is a tribute to the book. A shelf of large dimensions whose purpose is to be the library suitable for the user. It contains rotating lights that pretend to highlight the content of its interior. Giving more importance to the products that inhabit it, than to the shelf itself.


Bonpart a study that always looks for the simplicity and the distinction in its products through the functionality and the material

R35 is a collection of three auxiliary tables: loop, paper and skate. Its extravagant shape gives the collection a great character and distinction compared to other products of the same range.


A product of great aesthetic lightness. Thanks to its thin metallic structure and the use of sheet of 35 mm for the upper part of the tables. Qualities that make the different tables in the collection interact with each other in a very subtle way.

In addition to being auxiliary tables, loop and paper can fulfill the function of magazine. In this way Bonpart’s designers give the product of greater personality and increase its versatility to adapt to different spaces such as hotel receptions, waiting rooms, etc.


Look twice, is a mirror that as its own name indicates you have to look twice . It has a double function, it is a wall mirror with a shelf to hang everyday objects such as: keys, glasses, coins, headphones, etc. Bonpart sought by means of the geometric form and a minimalistic esthetics makes that Look twice easily adapted to different vestibules.