BRG House by Tan Tik Lam Architects

Located in Bandung, Indonesia is the minimalist residence, BRG House by architectural practice Tan Tik Lam based in Indonesia. This residence was designed for a young couple who were highly influenced by the context of the site, which features an expansive view of a tropical forest, along the east side.


Given that the existing site has a large area, Tan Tik Lam Architects proposed single storey building for the various functions of the BRG House, with an integrated semi-basement level that would house its service functions.


BRG House is a unique residence that is split into two zones, and features expansive views of a tropical forest


The site of the BRG House is split into two zones: a drop off zone, and the main house zone. An outdoor passage provides a seamless connection between the two zones, while a wide patio space serves as the main entry of the house.


The BRG House features a building mass with a north-south axis that accommodates the living areas, while the east-west axis accommodates the private spaces of the house.


The bedroom spaces of the BRG House faces towards the east, allowing it stunning views of the outdoors, while the corridor faces the west. The two parts are connected by a long and narrow passage the creates a unique transition between the communal spaces and the private spaces. The service functions are located just below the bedroom spaces, providing a high sense of privacy.