‘Bright Moments’ by Sebastian Weiss

In the series ‘Bright Moments’ by Sebastian Weiss, the strength of architectural detail has once again the main role of his works. Also well-known by the nickname of Le Blanc, this architectural photographer is able to capture with his camera the essence of a variety of buildings, always with an exceptional minimalist look.

The different snapshots reflect the formal purity of both great architectural works and unique constructions. In his work, aspects as a constructive detail, the façade materials and the formal elements have the relevance. Mainly, these are things that at first glance escape us when we look to a building.

Cities as Barcelona, Montpellier or Hamburg are the different locations in this series. In ‘Bright Moments’ by Sebastian Weiss, form and material take the leading role.

Faced with the image or scale of each building as a whole, this photographer frames the different details out of scale to highlight them.

Whether or not they are work of famous architects, these remain in the background; for Sebastian Weiss the important aspect is to emphasize the beauty that exists in the particular details of each building.

In his compositions, by simplifying the form the photographs generate unique visual games.  The underexposure and overexposure of each façade, according to each particular case, emphasizes the power of the form. The game of lights and shadows transmits a bucolic image aided also by the high contrast that the author gives to the sky.

With his own photographic vocabulary, Sebastian Weiss has become one of the main references in architectural photography at an international level. For instance, he is currently working for important media such as Architectural Digest Germany.

With the series ‘Bright Moments’ by Sebastian Weiss it is clear, once again, that his work is a good example of expressing more with less.