Bruno, the second look from the observer

Bruno is a coffee and side table designed by Pavel Vetrov. He is an Ukrainian designer who is specialized in furniture and interior design. He started with his designs in 2010 and he has worked for important brands. His mains values are based on simple lines with the clear functionality and concept of each design. Bruno is manufactured by TemaHome, company that defends the high Norwegian technology and the Portuguese efficiency. They are focused on timeless design which fits in any context.

In Bruno, the main detail to remark is the coating leg that crosses the horizontal surface of the table. This leg stands out a little bit, and creates a curious vision of the table. So, the user stops to look more than once the table. This distinctive fact makes that the user takes notice of the object and what is made for. Therefore, it is appreciated as a table and it is there for you.

The coffee and side table Bruno is a distinctive design and at the same time useful to the user to know that is there, for its disposal

The contrast is another strong point of Bruno. By the other hand, the dark colours of the leg and the frame of the table plays with the light colour of the oak which conforms the other parts of the table. This visual play creates a distinctive composition with the other furniture. As a result, it does not interfere or disturb. With its simple colours, allows an easy combination with the rest of the furniture without the need of being from the same collection.

Bruno was exposed in the Salone del Mobile in Milan the last year. Currently it is nominated to the German Design Award for the next 2018. It can be also found in two different sizes, depending on the diameter and the height of this. One is 50 cm of diameter and a little bit high, and the other one is 80 cm but lower. The combination of this tables creates another kind of geometric compositions allowing to play with the space and the functionality of this.