Butterfly Milk Bar, an architecture identified with the product to sell

butterfly-milk-bar-thaipan-studio-arquitectura-more-with-less-00When designing a retail or gastronomic space, it is as important the correct architectural solution as to reflect the values and products of the brand in the aesthetic itself. In this sense, Thaipan Studio have carried out a project that perfectly solve both aspects. The refurbishment and transformation of an ancient dwelling, of more than thirty years, in Butterfly Milk Bar; an organic dairy products bar located in the city of Bangkok.


The project of Butterfly Milk Bar began with the analysis of the original architecture, by examining carefully the building, its eccentricities, constructive details and materials. After this process -and with the intention of letting the context and building history to inspire them-, Thaipan Studio decided to select and rescue a series of original materials to act as a trigger for the new design and the concept of the bar.

The minimalist and ethereal design of Butterfly Milk Bar generates an atmosphere in line with the dairy products it offers

Using the old ceramic tiles of the bathroom as a creative connecting link between the pre-existant and the new, twelve thousands tiles glazed in white cover the flooring and part of the walls of Butterfly Milk Bar. A material that, along with the white finishes of the rest of the facings,  generates a clear and bright ambiance, almost futurist, that identifies itself with the main ingredient of the products served at the bar: milk.



The result is a clear and ethereal space whose architecture and design are perfectly identified with the product served at Butterfly Milk Bar. This aesthetic is complimented by wooden furnishing; a natural material that gives a sense of warm and comfort and contrast with the dominant white colour. On the other hand, a series of metallic reticular structures act as a flexible system for storage and showcase of the products. Painted also in white, this shelves help, at the same time, to compartmentalise and organise the space in a permeable and simple way.






All images courtesy of Thaipan Studio