Casa Dos Agostos, ruin as genesis

Casa Dos Agostos, a study project led by Pedro Domingos, stands on a plot of 950 square meters in Santa Barbara de Nexe in Faro, Portugal. This house was born as a result of a house of 80 square meters in ruins. The main idea of the project is to integrate both the existing landscape, an area of gentle hills, and current vernacular architecture.


The strategy followed for Casa Dos Agostos is simple, creating an empty central space within the plot integrating, on the one hand, the existing housing, to the northwest, and a new rectangular building to the northeast. In this way, the previous volume, with sloping roof, is related to the new parallelepiped construction and is fully adapted to the topography and existing vegetation.


Casa Dos Agostos seeks integration with the landscape, the topography of the place and the pre-existence that gives rise to it


The input scope is created in the intermediate space of the two volumes, the new one and the existing one. In the pre-existing volume of Casa Dos Agostos, there are three bedrooms and bathrooms, while in the new volume is located the kitchen and living room.


The new volume is embedded in the terrain and responds in this way to the topography. It has two patios of similar sizes, one towards the kitchen and another towards the living room. It combines the use of large windows with skylights and light coming from the patios. In contrast, the rehabilitated piece of Casa Dos Agostos has smaller holes and a skylight in one of the bathrooms.


As a closure of the volume composition, a water tank is created as a pool constructed similarly to the irrigation tanks in the area. Casa Dos Agostos combines the vernacular architecture of the place with the traditional architecture, in a common color in both, the white, which is complemented by the intense red of the carpentries and the green of the vegetation.


Photography by Fernando Guerra | FG +SG.