Casa Lissen by Studio Wet


Located in town of Castilleja de la Cuesta in Seville, Spain is the beautiful residence Casa Lissen by Spanish architects, Studio Wet. Completed as part of an extension for a single family house, Casa Lissen is nestled within an urban fabric that has existed for a long time. The existing environment of the neighbourhood including materials, colours and vegetation are legally protected by urban regulations that are put in place. The design of Casa Lissen reflects the clients’ preference of wanting to take full advantage of the spare square meters onsite, whilst keeping within budget.


Even though the architects faced many restrictions and difficulties during construction, the resulting design of the Casa Lissen was realised as a concrete extension that seamless integrates with the existing building, whilst offering a clear distinction between the two parts. The two storey residence features a generous garden that seamlessly connects to internal living spaces. Aiming to provide a distinct contrast between the older and newer parts of the house, the architects rounded the walls at the parts where the extension meets with pre-existing house. By adding curves, they help provide visual coherence and help distinguish new elements and spaces added.


Studio Wet creates a unique curved concrete extension with ribbed detailing to a minimalist home in Seville


To stay within budget, traditional building methods were utilised to construct the Casa Lissen. Similar to the existing building, the Casa Lissen extension is made up of concrete columns, beams and slabs with brick load-bearing walls that are rendered with mortar. Furthermore, a floor slab is added between the two levels to give the building a contemporary aesthetic. Ribbed detailing across the façades carry on the curve motif and mask any imperfections in the mortar finish.



On the ground floor, there is a small kitchen space which occupies one of the curved volumes, while an open-plan living and dining area is placed at the rear the building, looking out onto the garden, with large glass doors that open onto it. Two identical bedrooms occupy the upper level of the Casa Lissen extension, and have glass doors which open onto a terrace that is bound with white railings. In addition to building the extension, the architects also renovated the existing property and created a library and study on the ground floor and a large master bedroom on the first floor. Carrying on with the curve motif, all the existing walls were replaced with new curved ones. Furthermore, a curved light well is integrated atop of the wooden staircase and the bathrooms feature new rounded walls.


Minimalist monochrome finishes are used all over the building, including black window frames against white walls and dark grey tiling on the floors. The bathrooms are all lined with white tiling. In the generous garden space, the small pool was renovated with addition of a small set of steps that are ribbed in the same manner as the house.