Cerco, the new design of the Valencian studio Kutarq for OTHR

Cerco expresso cup is one of the latest designs that has been launched by OTHR. A product developed by Kutarq Studio, a product design studio founded by the architect and designer Jordi López Aguiló. This product is born of a second collaboration between the American company and the Valencian studio. After launching different lines of the product Carved. OTHR has not hesitated to recount Jordi López and his team to continue working together.


Cerco is the redesign of a conventional cup, giving the product personality and distinction among the number of cups on the market.

Cerco cup pays homage to traditional jewelry and decorum. Through a design developed in detail with a very careful appearance

The porcelain handle that embraces the cup is a functional element that in turn expresses certain references to the culture of adornment and body art. This carefully placed circular handle allows the user to take the perfect sip.



Cerco is pure symphony of design, functionality, ergonomics and decoration. A product with its own soul capable of transmitting sensations to both the user and the user. A product with great versatility, since it can be used in different environments. From hotels, restaurants and kitchen presentations, like at home being part of our day to day.


The design of Cerco could be understood as a piece of everyday use carried to its minimum expression. With a simple aesthetics, clean and very careful, the Kutarq study has managed to produce an efficient product in terms of its functionality, and peculiar in its aesthetics.

A product that adapts to the true meaning of “good design” in order to produce products on demand, which are away from large mass production.