Closca Helmet, a Valencian product among the most inspiring of 2017

The Closca Helmet of the company Closca design and CuldeSac still gives of what to speak. After winning a prestigious RedDot design award in 2015. This year the prestigious TED organization, dedicated to spreading the most innovative ideas on the Planet, has selected Closet Helmet, as one of the products that will be part of the event that will take place from the 24th to the April 28 in Vancouver.


Closca Hemet, is a collapsible helmet for urban cyclists. A product that facilitates the adaptation of the product and the user to the city. Its design solves the main problems of the conventional helmets: their volume when we transported it, and a little cared appearance to which they had us accustomed.

Closca Helmet, a Valencian product selected by TED as one of the most inspiring products of 2017


This year the TED event has taken as a starting point the concept: “The Future You”.  The conferences reflect on the changes that are happening in the world and that are promoting their transformation. Good example of how the design allows us to adapt to these changes is Closca Heltmet.

A helmet for the future, is a helmet for all lovers of cycling. With a high degree of adaptation to the times to come, the Closca Design helmet has an integrated NFC tag to protect the user in case of emergency.


A folding product that is formed by three moving rings, concentric and articulated to be able to offer two positions: open and closed. Thanks to this system, the hull volume is reduced by more than 50% and takes on a flat shape to improve its transport.


Closca Helmet has become one of the few Spanish design products that are on sale at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. And at the Pompidou Center in Paris.