An embracing space to protect from the wind, the COR cellars

You can find the COR Cellars from 2014 in a privileged location in the Washington state, in the USA. In 2016 they opened this ampliation of the existent cellars with GOC studio.

Located in a National Interest Area, it offers spectacular views to the east and west, a characteristic environment on the gorge where it’s placed.

cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-1 cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-2

COR-Marketing Plan_1 COR_Section


The river that’s in that area, the Columbia, attracts constant wind to the canyon from the west, which makes something to take into account in the general concept, given that the workers have to be in the exterior most of the time. The architects’ answer is a central courtyard which is the heart and organizes the space, as well as protects the visitors and workers from the sometimes harsh weather conditions. 

cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-3 cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-4 cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-5 cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-6 cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-7 cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-8 With big overhang ceilings on the internal faces, the courtyard becomes one of the excuses to impact the arriving visitors.

To finish this characteristic yard, the design keeps the original location of the old metal shed, and reuses it as a bottling space for the cellar.

The new spaces at the COR Cellars create a U shape to the west, an envelope to the buildings that stops the wind in the area.

cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-9 cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-10 cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-11 cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-12 cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-13The visitors can access the cellar through the patio, which is located between the old shed and the new access structure, placed in the same spot to keep the connection to the past.

The walls of the storage space that flank the yard are kept solid, guiding and leading the visitors without distraction to the tasting area.

Double-sheet big doors between this area and the exterior allow a direct connection amid those, offering the views that sorround the cellars. Natural light enters the room through big skylights above the bar, a direct light which falls on the central activity point. In the south-west corner of the tasting room, they designed a chimney to encourage people to feel comfortable like they were in their own house.

cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-14 cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-15The need for this extension asked for a clear and concise concept, a repetitive structural pattern that sorrounds the central yard, the heart. A refined and simple color and material palette, with earthy tones that refer back to the surroundings and allow the whole to be integrated with the environment.

Photographies from Kevin Scott

cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-16 cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-17 cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-18 cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-19 cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-21 cor-cellars-winery-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-goc-studio-22