Cordillera, reinterpreting the identity of Chile

Cordillera is a collection of products designed by Santiago Vera. This young designer was born in Mexico, and he reinterprets the rocky nature of Chile through Cordillera. Through design, he creates his own world and path. Each object produced, each material used has a story not told, and new one waiting for being discovered. Thanks to the design he is able of creating connections between past and future, innovation and aesthetics.  That’s the reason why Santiago as a designer gets inspired by his environment, shapes, colors, textures, traditions, and culture.

By means of the project Cordillera, Santiago looks for reinterpreting one of the most characteristics aspects of Chile.

The Andes mountain chain, key inside of the chilene landscape and limiting the country. Going around the territory and turning it into a reference point to all the citizens. A monumental combination of nature, vegetation, and fauna which breaks with all the established. Is there where the aesthetic of the product is born, through a long process of abstracting the shapes, in this case taking as a reference the Andes.

In order to produce Cordillera, Santiago opts for a handcrafted process, closer to the users. The ceramic work is made with earthy products, being the optimum election for the project. Been carried out the first model with the potter’s wheel, they took care of the straight and diagonal lines which characterize the product. A revolution geometry which simplifies to the minimum the mountain structure. Straining the potter into plaster molds it achieves increasing the production volume. Playing at the same time with the chromatic range of the product, beige, terracotta and grey, colors which tone resemble the earth and the mountain.

Cordillera reinterprets Chile in honor to the Andes. A collection of objects thought for being exposed as another element of the habitat. Its principal function is being used as a vase, continuing with the connection between nature and earth. A cared and elegant aesthetic which perfectly combines with the complete family of products.