Country house to live. Not a white space.

This country house to live, while it may appear redundant, it’s a great example of a home to enjoy with family.

How do I want to live? What makes you feel comfortable? Who’s going to come to visit you? Where will you be most of the time? What objects do you like having around? Which is your ideal working space? Which is your favorite color? This is all the questions that Espacio en Blanco and Borrell Jover approached to make this house more lively.

casa-de-campo-para-vivir-espacio-en-blanco-borrell-jover-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-wood-11casa-de-campo-para-vivir-espacio-en-blanco-borrell-jover-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-wood-6This country home comes from the hands of the architects Borrell Jover. It’s a conscious house, with open spaces, which seeks the light and the environment around it.

casa-de-campo-para-vivir-espacio-en-blanco-borrell-jover-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-wood-14 casa-de-campo-para-vivir-espacio-en-blanco-borrell-jover-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-wood-10 casa-de-campo-para-vivir-espacio-en-blanco-borrell-jover-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-wood-12The façade’s structure is made in pine wood, the same ones as the walls. The floor is build from screed concrete, a really natural concrete.El suelo se construye a partir de hormigón fracasado, un hormigón muy natural. Para la planta de arriba, se ha usado el mismo forjado de la casa, la madera de pino que también se encuentra en la fachada.

For the upper level, they used the same floor structure as the house, the pine wood which is also in the facade.

A country house to live, intended for it.

casa-de-campo-para-vivir-espacio-en-blanco-borrell-jover-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-wood-13casa-de-campo-para-vivir-espacio-en-blanco-borrell-jover-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-wood-9 casa-de-campo-para-vivir-espacio-en-blanco-borrell-jover-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-wood-4 casa-de-campo-para-vivir-espacio-en-blanco-borrell-jover-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-wood-3The structure is made of metal and the slabs from cross laminated timber finished with a water-based varnish.

The interior keeps using the same materials to create continuity on the design. Walls and ceiling have been covered with the same idea, while the floors are made of concrete. At the end, the simplicity is a key element to give importance to this country house to live. 

casa-de-campo-para-vivir-espacio-en-blanco-borrell-jover-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-wood-7 casa-de-campo-para-vivir-espacio-en-blanco-borrell-jover-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-wood-2The house’s ground level has the kitchen, the center which connects the dining and the living room.
It’s an open space to the county, as it uses the typical mud tiles from Empordà, in a mustard color.

The special touches are what gives a lived character to the house: brightenings, contemporary lighting, gray colors, and almost industrial details which make the decoration escape from the neo-rural style sometimes too forced, and sometimes overused in second residencies in the countryside.

casa-de-campo-para-vivir-espacio-en-blanco-borrell-jover-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-wood-1 casa-de-campo-para-vivir-espacio-en-blanco-borrell-jover-more-with-less-revista-magazine-arquitectura-wood-5