The particular look of Danny NG

danny-ng-more-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-2 Danny Ng is a senior marketer who started using his camera and uploading his work to instagram two years ago. It is interesting to go back to the first photographs of his instagram account (@daannyng) and see the transition of the artist. He began portraying what is perhaps the most immediate beauty, the landscapes around. And from there we can see a fast evolution towards increasingly synthetic and abstract images.
danny-ng-more-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-6 Danny Ng shows absolute control of shapes, colors and composition of its minimalist work. White is everywhere and becomes significant with high contrast elements at strategic points that articulate and balance the compositions. In most of the photographs these elements are human figures. Their positions are not accidental and he doesn’t aim to be understood as that. The poses and gestures of the models dehumanize them and become a formal resource of contrast with the architectures he portrays. With analogic photography artists besides the different types of cameras, lenses, films, filters (which also simulate current cameras) could have post-production techniques in the development process to achieve the desired expression. Today, in the world of pixel this later work with digital tools has reached greater relevance thanks to the ease of creating amazing results. But like most things, this is a double-edged sword. If not used with concept and with a clear idea of what has been immortalized and what we want to express with it, it can become your worst enemy. Ones has only to hang out in the virtual world to wish that photoshop have never been invented. Not at all the case of Danny Ng.
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

If we had to label the work of Danny NG it would be something like “minimalism with surrealistic hints”

He uses these tools with elegance without subtlety. He doesn’t aim to turn realities into realistic divices but he immerses us in a world of surreal minimalism. It does so through the geometric decomposition of organic figures. Legs, arms and heads that appear, disappear or fade.
Much of the inspiration, says Danny Ng, is found, oddly enough, in the music he listens. All his work is done with a non-professional camera in automatic mode. No need for great technical prowess to make good pictures. In his own words: “I feel creativity is more important than anything else”.