A door, an identity. Doors set by Nora Kahil.

Nora Kahil

Every home has a door, and every door is a part of the identity of the inhabitants as well the city.


The door of a house is the first and last thing you see when you enter and leave a house. We stumbled upon with them daily, habitually, and because of that, rarely we reflect on the doors. The photographer Nora Kahil, during her trip to Abu Kabir in Al-Sharqeya, Egypt, she decided to capture the doors he saw in her path. Obviously she could not meet all the people living within the home, but surely you can get the idea of who lives or lived there.
nora_kahil_door_02 nora_kahil_door_03
Many of them are prefabricated doors, but many other are handmade. Each one has a different color, a color that time has been responsible for aging and beautify. Another peculiarity that the photographer comments us is that many homes have a cyan color. This is because it is the cheapest color in the city that inhabitants can buy.
 nora_kahil_door_04 nora_kahil_door_05 nora_kahil_door_06 nora_kahil_door_07
The houses are built in a primitive way, from all the available resources. The brick abounds among the houses, and the finished of them is not good. Even so all of them are the protagonists, worth a stop on the route of Nora Kahil.

nora_kahil_door_08The bars from the door, often a mere decorative detail, recognize the work behind these doors. Some of them are not decorated, not even a window to look outside.

nora_kahil_door_09 nora_kahil_door_10 nora_kahil_door_11

The result of this series of doors is inspiring. A variety selected by Nora Kahil, that makes the observer think about the identity of the people who live there. Great work that will hopefully branching out with other cultures, new trips, and new challenges! Thanks Nora!
 nora_kahil_door_12 nora_kahil_door_13 nora_kahil_door_14