Earnest Studio and its functional products exposed at the Salone del Mobile 2017

Lamp family, Mill Table Lamp, Deuce, Pare, Revolve Floor Lamp and Stair Case are products designed by Earnest Studio. This ones were exposed at the Salone del Mobile in Milano 2017, in concrete at the Salone Satellite. The studio was founded by the designer Rachel Griffin. The basis of her designs relapses on the materiality and modularity. It’s also experimented at the same time with flexibility and multiplicity, directly related with the material of the work, which performs the development of the product.

We start to talk abou Lamp family, a serie of lamps with an unique projection of LED light. This light can be placed in differents cylindricals structures of steel. The versatility of this product, together with its support allows to place it on the table, on the floor, on the ceiling or on the wall. As it is the sense, the light is subjected thanks to a magnet. This allows a lot of possibilities of positions and orientations, changing all the structure at the same time, and of the users wanted too.

Revolve Floor Lamp is a floor lamp that uses the weight and the pressure to stand its position. The basis attract the attention, because it’s made of marble. This brings more rigidity and stability to the lamp. Can be moved freely up and down thanks to the manual regulation, without any necessity of tool. Created also for Earnest Studio with Emilie Pallard, this lamp is reduced to the minimum expression. A stick with a mobile lamp, and the basis to create the balance. The purity and the functionality order on this product.

On the other hand, Mill Table Lamp, another lamp but in this case is a table lamp. It can be moved freely and also can give a 360º turn. Its position is hanged thanks to the balance. Being possible for a ball that is placed on a cone. The light bulb is surrounded by a doblated plate, which allows to focalize the light on the point that is required and without creating any general light. A part, the bulb light is LED and it is fed with a USB connexion of low voltage. It has been nominated to the German Design Award 2017.

Earnest Studio works with the novelty, exposed on the simplicity and versatility of the functions that are given to some products

Breaking open the lamps, appears Deuce. This product is a carafe which invites to share with the plants some water that has left over inside. It has two water outlet, the little one to serve it in vases, and the long and fine to the plants. To catch it and use it, as one part or another, can be folded to use it as handle, for serving or irrigate. This is created also from the collaboration of Earnest Studio and Emilie Pallard. The metallic material allows to hold the structure in a comfortable way, to keep the water fresh and the durability of the container.

Candelabras have passed a huge evolution talking abou design. It has arrived to the minimum expression as structure that the most important thing at last is the gesture. In Pare we can see this evolution, reduced its elements more essentials. With only a subtle curve in a sheet with the elements to put the candle and the finger, on the minimum space, but considering the function as an easy movement. A pure form and function, which does not need more of it. That simply is and works as it is.

At last, we comment Stair Case. This “case stair” is basically a laminated stool combined with a storage zone. It has wheels to drive it easily. It is created the sensation as a floater element which can be moved from one place to another. This does not allows the movement when the user is placed on it, because it gets nearly on the floor to be more stable as stool and stair. While, inside can be placed any object.