Elo, a formal, warm and functional challenge to your home.

Justine Lotigie is the French industrial designer, developer of Elo, a simple and really functional heater. Her travels abroad, visiting different countries of the world makes Justine getting in touch with other cultures, getting immerse. She achieves the Industrial Design Master Degree at the ISD School of India. Moreover, he has been recently working for some of the more relevant design companies around the world. They are HTC Innovation, Ammunition and Box Clever, between others. Focusing and designing in a wide range of different project fields, like electronic devices or even furniture.

Justine works from human experiences, as an essential way of acting at work. Elo enhances those aspects, working with details and achieving the client’s expectations and constraints.

Elo is a technologic product, elegantly solved, thought for carrying out its function in the most effective way possible. Justine argue his principal difficulty, making up consumer’s perception about how a heater is, maintaining also his archetypical structure. Due to these facts, during benchmarking, he studies basic structures and indispensable elements.

During the drawing process, needed to come up with the very first ideas, he starts depurating and stylizing the shapes. Different proposals were generated, all of them inspired by products of the same typology, natural elements or visually attractive structures. Finally dismissing, those which weren’t suitable.

A curved square shape forms the base of Elo, followed by an extrusion structure and diagonally trimmed. Justine, with this solution, eliminates unnecessary curves. At the same time, the diagonal gives the exact and precise shape needed to heat the environment where it is placed functionally. It’s neutral chromatic range, white, cream and blue tones, makes them ideal and suitable for warming a home. The structural attention is impressive, studying a system to hide de supplier wire, and obtaining as a result a clean and clear product.