Entre medio ed.3#, fusion between glass and ceramics

Entre medio ed.3# is a collection designed by Heidi Jalkh. This project has been developed with the craftsmanship of ceramics and glass from Argentina in the Cristalería San Carlos factory. She is an independent columbian designed with the headquarters in Argentina. She looks better for the function than the aesthetic, even it is not putted aside.

She is still questioning and looking its environment daily, with different eyes to catch any stimulus or idea to take part of. Searching at the same time objects that could be made in other parts of the world but with a local mentality. Entre medio ed.3# has been exposed and award-winning in the second edition of the biannual international contest “Open to Art”, dedicated to art and ceramic design.

Entre medio ed.3# consists in a previous experiences before to arrive the final result. What she has achieved is merge ceramics materials of different composition. Ceramics and glass. Two elements that are joined and highlight between them.

As its name says, it is found the glass between ceramics, creating a delicacy and fragility effect, but at the same time strength and robustness


Mainly it has be highlighted the thermic shock in a visual way of this. The ceramics, so opaque and warm, with this terrenal color, safes and protects the glass. And, on the other hand, the same glass, covered of ceramics. Letting this way wrap it but at the same shine without any object that overshadows it.

On the other hand, the physical thermal shock is which have made some mistakes during the production. But that’s the reason why it was thought to create a serie of this objects and see the evolution and variances of what’s happening between the ideation of a product and the final piece.

The process to make this objects is very laborious. The pieces of ceramics are thrown away by hand. When they are plastic, then they are cut to left a space for the glass, without drying it. After, the pieces enter into a oven that is 950º to hold the thermal shock. So, the ceramics contracts and it is expanded while the glass is adapted inside. To complete it, the ceramic piece is warmth into 300º. Then it’s used the blower to fill the piece inside.

This pieces has been exhibited in the emergent gallery Casa Canvas, during the Milan Design Week 2017.