Flume, a flexible lighting object by Benjamin Hein.


Flume is the Bachelor project of Benjamin Hein, a student from the School of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein of Halle. The project had the aim to make a performance in a room, modifying the atmosphere of this room with an object. With this objective Benjamin, industrial design student, has designed Flume, a flexible and variable lighting object, inspired by a buoy. The buoys can be fixed anywhere. They secure boats. The protect coasts. They silently spread their message: with me, you are safe. Buoys swim and lie and hang.

Flume is made for every home


Buoys can swim, can lie and can be hanged. Flume summarizes these emotions in a lighting object. Flume suits your room, it can be hanged on the wall, can be layed on the ground, and can be installed on the ceiling. Use Flume as direct or as indirect lighting, depending on the atmosphere you want. It’s height is variable depending where we want the lamp, and it is made for every home.


Benjamin Hein is co-founder of the design agency etage8 in Leipzig, Germany. It is a studio that has a background in traditional product design, as well as interior design. With Flume, Benjamin has created a new timeless design to get etage8’s name out there.



Photography by Phillip Hiersemann