Fritz und Franken timeless, functional and ingenious designs for our daily life

Fritz und Franken, is a young German design studio formed by Miriam Franken and Friedrich. A studio which focuses his work on projects of furniture and accessories for the home.


Build up is a system of shelves. With this design Fritz und Franken won the German Design Award in 2015. The system consists of different individual modules that are linked together to adapt to the needs of users. Thanks to its material and the use of different colors in its manufacture, the product adapts to different spaces. It can even be used in the kitchen and bathroom for its high degree of resistance both to moisture and heat.


Etage  consists of a two level side table. The two trays that make up these levels can rotate 360 °. This provides twice the space and allows the user to rotate the trays in the desired position.

Fritz und Franken makes high quality products giving all the importance to the material, shape and color


Little drops is the collection of vases by Fritz und Franken. Vases made in one piece emitted in stoneware and enamelled in different colors. Its subtle shape along with its pastel tone colors give the pieces a certain elegance and a high decorative degree. Where the importance lies in the design of the vases and not in their content.


Serve up is a collection of trays of different sizes made in ceramic. Fritz und Franken wanted to give the product multifunctionality and added to these trays two cylinders. In this way users can incorporate small flowers and thus have a small part of nature in their home. It creates a product that can be decorative as well as functional by exercising the function of containing products of our daily life.


Take Off is a wall shelf made of sheet steel with powder coating. It has optional hooks and a mobile mirror that turn the product into a multifunctional piece of furniture. Its versatility allows it to be used in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways. The magnets provide space for notes, photos and souvenirs, etc.