FU House by Kubota Architect Atelier


Located in the city of Shunan, Japan is the minimalist residence FU House by Japanese architects, Kubota Architect Atelier. Composed of three tapered L-shaped structures that wrap around concrete walls, the FU House is located on a site that less than kilometre from the Seto Inland Sea. As this part of Japan is quite heavily industrialised, the site for the FU House is located in a new urban development that lacks scenery and views, and is located very close to main, noisy arterial road. In response to these conditions, the architects proposed a unique design that would surround all the sides of the FU House with robust surfaces that control the amount of light and air that enter the house.


The three separate, white pieces of slab are folded into an L-shape and are inserted in a three dimensional manner. The spaces that are created between the various intersections act as a catalyst for nature and human emotions, all whilst maintaining and controlling nature’s interaction with the L-shaped fold of the FU House.


Each of the L-shaped sections are tapered in a manner so that the main supporting structures of the residence appear very thing, creating the illusion that building is floating and is hardly touching the ground. Furthermore, solid concrete slabs that inserted between these white planes which create impenetrable facades that effectively acts as a privacy and noise barrier. A metal step that extrudes from one of the edges of the tapered surfaces and aligns with a gap in the concrete walls, serving as an entry into the house.


Within the interior space of the FU house, there is a large solid concrete volume that contains the stairs that separates the entrance from the main living space, which is bounded by glass walls on either side.


FU House is a unique residence that features an architecture that dynamically interacts with nature


The tiled floor of the main living space of the FU House is extended beyond the glass walls to the external interior space, creating a seamless connection between the carport space and terrace space, that is lined by a thin and shallow pool.


Sliding glass doors permit the living space to be completely opened out onto the outdoors, on the terrace side, where light is reflected off the pool and onto the white walls.


Furthermore, there is an additional concrete-lined staircase that leads up to the children’s room, taking up a large landing. This specific space features a built-in storage that also services as access to a bathroom and a master bedroom, that located at the front side of the FU House.