Geometry and color in detail. The TOP 5 photographic profiles.

Authentic geniuses of the camera, these photographers highlight the strength of architectural detail. Helped by geometry and color, the captures turn large projects into everyday buildings into authentic singular works.


Michael Wolf

The formalism in detail with which Michael Wolf  composes his snapshots gives him his own style. With his Architecture of Density series, he proposes a critical journey through the mass architecture of the city of Hong Kong. A true and symbolic vertigo.

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Sebastian Weiss

Also known by the nickname of Le Blanc, this architectural photographer is able to capture with his camera the essence of different buildings, always with an exceptional minimalist look.

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Giorgio Stefanoni

The photographs of this young Italian designer, Giorgio Stefanoni, show us a synthetic style. With pure geometries helped by the use of contrast, the result is a strong presence of color that prevents us from distinguishing between reality and fiction.

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Matthias Heiderich

As authentic pictures, the German photographer Matthias Heiderich gives life in his photographs to buildings and objects taken out of context. Between the power of geometry and dramatic colors, with his work we are transported to the streets of Soviet Berlin.

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Rusty Wiles

Finally, a true star of street architectural photography. This self-taught photographer and firefighter by profession never ceases to amaze with his overexposed captures, full of the color and passion of the Florida coasts.

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