Grândola Meeting Center, Aires Mateus


Grândola Meeting Center is a project by the brothers Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus in this small town in Portugal. A square, white and hermetic volume that is located an exempt and near to the city center.


This Grândola Meeting Center responds in its geometry to the program it houses. Create an empty space that allows to accommodate groups of people both large and small in a comfortable way.


The project transmits the duality between the exterior and the interior. On the outside, a closed aspect only broken by singular holes and different from each other. The interior is a geometric burst of holes each one of them different in size shape.


Grândola Meeting Center, is conceived as a geometric container of excavated architecture


Grândola Meeting Center builds a thick and structural perimeter, where they locate the service rooms, allowing the heart of the building to be free. This center is undersood as an uninterrupted horizontal extension that is broken in its vertical scale, by means of a fragmented and singular interior cover.


There aren’t the rigid divisions, white curtains and mobile panels hidden in the perimeter allowing the space division, ordered and align way with the geometry to the ceiling.


The spaces access to the Grândola Meeting Center are different in form and sizes. Some access remind a houses in dimensions and geometry, and its is combined with others access smaller, human size.


Grândola Meeting Center is convert in a meeting center through the excavated architecture. A restrained exterior that join, and dynamic and adaptable interior to the people that are gather there.


Photography by Nelson Garrido.

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