Growing Seed, an urban and biodegradable orchard printed in 3D

Growing Seed is an urban garden that brings nature and new technologies over to our homes. Designed by Aino Delgado, a young designer of product and graphic design. In collaboration with Meua mare, a multidisciplinary studio and 3D printing.

Growing Seed is a modular system of easy assembly designed with respect for the environment and the horticulture.

the-growing-seed-aino-delgado-meua-mare-more-with-less-design-magazine-04A wooden structure that joins with a few elbows printed in 3D of PLA: a biodegradable plastic. A basket is fitted in the middle of the structure. And sticks fast to it by few magnets on the basket and the joins of PLA. In this removable basket it is where the growing has place.
This small urban garden has been designed for these people who loves the nature, the horticulture and to know what he eats. But they live in flats of highly populated cities where it is practically impossible to enjoy the nature and much less than one personal orchard.
the-growing-seed-aino-delgado-meua-mare-more-with-less-design-magazine-08We see a great advantage of this design thought about pieces. Its easy assembly and disassembly, that facilitates very much the life to all the urbanites fans of the horticulture and plants that change of flat frequently.
Growing Seed is not only an object, its a environmental friendly system. We can speak about this orchard as a system since it is a module stackable that allows to construct bigger gardens with different compositions. In addition, thanks to the unions printed in 3D, Growing Seeds can be constructed to different measures, according to the length of the profiles. And using the same unions.
the-growing-seed-aino-delgado-meua-mare-more-with-less-design-magazine-02A functional product besides aesthetic that allows the urbanite people with desire of cultivate its own food and its plants in a piece that melts with the furniture of the house. Thanks to its austere minimalism that doesn’t try to stand out in our lives. Also  form a part of it.
Aino Delgado has created an urban orchard DIY with a facility of assembly and manufacture. The possibility of change the color ending it to the whim of the user, in measures and endings.