Growroom, una cápsula de cultivo DIY

Growroom is a small room to provide of food and to stimulate the local consumption. Designed by Space10, a lab of IKEA that investigates the future-living, a living more sustainable.growroom-square-more-with-less-design-magazine-10This small cabin not only promotes the nearby consumption, it is a question of a furniture of opened code. A project that has interested people of all the corners of the world!

Growroom, is a cabin DIY and of opened code that promotes the consumption of proximity.

Space10 has seen that would be useless to send all over the world a project that takes the consumption of proximity as its main goal. Because of it the planes have made free and the whole world can construct his own Growroom in his house, in his business, in the college, in a restaurant, where be but near!
growroom-square-more-with-less-design-magazine-02In only 17 steps, 17 plates of plywood of wood and a CNC machine to cultivate your crop in little space.
Growroom takes advantage of better the space than an urban normal garden thanks to its growth in vertically. The spherical form allows a perfect incident of the light that comes to all the plants.
A total of 6 circular shelfs form this crop. The spherical form allows to obtain different types of light. According to the type of plantation they need differents lights. According to the quantity of light that needs this plant you choose the shelf for it.
Growroom overgrored the visitants and the social media with the exhibition in the Design Week de Milano and the Salone del Mobile 2017. Along with much other works that follow a living more local and sustainable.
It’s not only an urban garden. Growroom turns into a room of easing. A small oasis halfaway of the office. A green cockpit that allows a pause in ours day after day.
Construct your Growroom now! Here the instructions to build your own Growroom! Here the plans!growroom-square-more-with-less-design-magazine-06