House 669 by HelgessonGonzaga Arkitekter


Located in the city of Skövde, Sweden is the minimalist residence House 669 by Swedish architects, HelgessonGonzaga Arkitekter. Set within a context of a typically medium-sized Swedish town, the contemporary abode is built on a low budget and is within a set fabrication process. House 669 adapts to its environment and neighbours a contemporary mansion that sits on a plot of 600 m2. The humble residence is built in collaboration with a local catalogue house manufacturer, all whilst maintaining the clients’ pursuit of living in an environment that suited for a family of five and their everyday lives, including for working, playing and socialising. The volume of House 669 is archetypical and very simple; it features one and half levels, and opens onto a ridge that provides access to various functional spaces.


House 669 is a practical residence that provides a fun and colourful domestic environment for its residents


Even though House 669 is composed of standard materials commonly found in catalogue houses, the residence uniquely achieves a much more palpable material palette. The interior of the home is coloured coordinated into three distinct “islands”; the ground floor becomes the setting for the social life, whilst the private bedrooms are located upstairs. The square plan is divided into closed and open spaces that also features two vertical openings in two of the diagonal corners. Whilst the closed parts contain the private spaces, storage and bathrooms, the open parts feature spaces for dining, playing and relaxing.