House City Wall

La-casa-de-la-muralla-house-city-wall-more-with-less-22.jpgHouse City Wall, work of  nodo17group,  is located in the heart of the historic center of Seville. Its facade forms part of the third walled enclosure of Real Alcázar of Seville, constructed between eleven and twelve century. So many are the centuries of this house as the modifications that have been done over time. Our design will be just one more within this long chain.
La-casa-de-la-muralla-house-city-wall-more-with-less-1It does not attempt to be the last one, but just a catalyst to allow continuity and future evolution.
La-casa-de-la-muralla-house-city-wall-more-with-less-4A detailed research has allowed to identify the origin of these transformations. There are many different types, from upper expansion, sale and division of part of the house, new openings in the city-wall, reconfiguration of the patio structure, use change, etc.

La-casa-de-la-muralla-house-city-wall-more-with-less-5Against this background we have not privileged any moment over another. We have tried just to add value to a long evolutionary process.

La-casa-de-la-muralla-house-city-wall-more-with-less-8In house city wall, Central patio is the architectural element that best shows the traces of time evolution.

Stone pillars alternate with load bearing walls, openings of different sizes and shapes show the expansions realized, as well as the traces of the perimeter galleries.



La-casa-de-la-muralla-house-city-wall-more-with-less-15Walls around patio in house city wall, has lost their thickness and their clearly defined limits.

La-casa-de-la-muralla-house-city-wall-more-with-less-14They are replaced by metallic structures that reinterpret and give continuity to existing stone pillars. In contrast, current openings and balconies acquire thickness and refer to their original position and shape.
La-casa-de-la-muralla-house-city-wall-more-with-less-16he patio acts as a valve of climate and life. Everything happens around it.

La-casa-de-la-muralla-house-city-wall-more-with-less-18A “montera” closes its upper level in order to allow its opening and closure according to exterior and interior climate conditions.

La-casa-de-la-muralla-house-city-wall-more-with-less-21The galleries are the soul of the house where relationships are enhanced and arise not only horizontally but also vertically and diagonally.



La-casa-de-la-muralla-house-city-wall-more-with-less-27.jpg La-casa-de-la-muralla-house-city-wall-more-with-less-26.jpg


Photography: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero).