House in Piedrabuena


This project of the study Muka Arquitectura, is developed in la mancha, in a house in Piedrabuena.


The ceramics, in the house in Piedrabuena, acquires diverse qualities like relevant element in the house. The continued presence of this material in the municipality and the low budget suggested a proposal to re-read its more material condition.


In a plot of two and a half meters of facade, in the house in Piedrabuena, the use of a paving stone of pressed clay acts as if a ceramic curtain were treated.


A curtain that hides any reference to the domestic size of the gaps and proposes to unify the adjoining facades. The scale disappears and the proposal enhances the link between existing buildings.


The alternate arrangement of the module piece draws a porous and vibrant lattice. This light is molded by the pieces of mud and they cross the interior of the house with the passage of the day. When the sun’s rays do not directly affect the facade, the set of swinging and pivoting parts offers a new relationship between the interior and exterior.


The different delayed positions of the glasses create intermediate spaces such as the access zaguanes and terraces.


The facade is present in all interior rooms, as the plant proposes the diagonal as a spatial relationship scheme: extending the distances of a narrow plant and perception of its limits.


The plot has a complex geometry. It presents only 2,40 meters of facade and a narrowing of almost 12 meters, to open in the bottom of the plot to a bottom of sack surrounded by walls medianeros of the adjoining buildings. As for the internal organization of the two plants and due to the lack of natural light in its interior by the geometry previously described, it is proposed the opening of three large skylights that act as wells of natural light.


In this way it is possible to solve both the illumination of the upper floor -private- and of the lower floor -office- by the intermediate flooring that does not get to be found with the medianeros walls and that is where the natural light illuminates the rooms low level.


Inclined deck plans present in the salon, distributor and bedroom acquire different qualities through the lining. The OSB board panels that cover the whole of the house serve as internal enclosure as a laminated plasterboard but with a better acoustic behavior and zero maintenance.






Photography: muka arquitectura