House of 27 m long in l’Eixample of Barcelona

vivienda-en-el-ensanche-house-in-ensanche-more-with-less-revista-rehabilitacion-arquitectura-contemporánea-1Work of the Spanish study M2arquitectura is this house in l’eixample of Barcelona, emerged from the renovation of an old apartment of 100m2 and 27m long.


The transformation can be summarized in a single operation: the integration of a long and dark corridor by the removal of partitions and a reorganization of house in l’eixample of Barcelona.


In the center of the plant is installed a moist core containing the bathroom and the open kitchen. This nucleus, white and neutral in appearance, is distinguished from the rest of the vaulted roof by the incorporation of a false roof that hides new installations.vivienda-en-el-ensanche-house-in-ensanche-more-with-less-revista-rehabilitacion-arquitectura-contemporánea-2

All this set operates as a filter between the day and night zone.


In the more public end of the house in l’eixample of Barcelona have installed the social areas, while at the opposite end has installed a multipurpose room that can be occupied as a study and wardrobe room that intermediate between the master bedroom and the core services.


After removing partitions and opening spaces, the whole wall, with its 27m long, has been in sight from beginning to end offering new users a new perspective of the interior and the magnitude of the space.


The roughness of this large partition, given by the clay bricks that make it, creates a contrast with the rest of the smooth surfaces present in the furniture, walls and pavement of hydraulic tiles that are shown as unique witnesses of the original distribution.





Photography: José Hevia Blach