House on Gotland, tradition, minimalism and nature

casa-en-gotland-house-on-gotland-minimalism-more-with-less-design-magazine-2House on Gotland is a minimal holiday home, located on the Swedish island that bears its name and bathed by the Baltic Sea. A great green landscape, but somehow with a rough look, surrounded by flowers and little bushes, where life slows down according to the rhythm of traditional livestock activity. Immersed in this atmosphere of calm and tranquility; etat arkitekter studio designs and builds a house in the middle of this natural scenery.House on Gotland is a project that meets a basic functional program housing, a dining, kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom. The setup of its areas along an internal corridor allows all of them to have exterior views and placed one next to the other. A practical and simple spacial distribution, which accompanies the rectangular design of the house.House on Gotland is surrounded by nature, facing west, opposite a large flowering meadow and a cattle grazing field to the north. On the other hand to the south and east the visuals are greener and deeper with low trees and shrubs.

House in Gotland conveys calm and comfort with a simple design and in constant contact with the landscape.

The House on Gotland roof is built with a type of wood called faltak. The rest of the house is entirely made of concrete blocks, which, in a contemporary way, are in dialogue with the hardness of the traditional construction of the place. A complicated climate, which requires strong and lasting constructions, a materiality that does not admit opulence, what you see, is what there is.
The house walls are made of cement as well as the floor,in a slightly darker gray make possible the raw textures of the material. It would be possible to say that House on Gotland general appearance, has an unfinished look, but which in turn gives a beautiful feeling of comfort. Nothing in this house is an effort; pure simplicity.
The finishing materials of House on Gotland are treated in the same way, the carpentries doors and windos in natural pine wood, bring warmth to the project. The large windows are all the decoration this house needs. They frame in a continuous rhythm, the green of the outside landscape.
Casa en Gotland no necesita una excesiva decoración ni riqueza en su ornamento. Es una vivienda sincera, que encuentra belleza en la austeridad, en la perfección del diseño simple y de líneas limpias. Un diseño que combina la comodidad de la tradición con la frescura, y desenfado del minimalismo más contemporáneo sin buscar más pretensiones que las de brindar calma y confort a sus usuarios.

Photos by Rasmus Norlander