Isole, a new armchair concept

Isole is a modular system designed by Nichetto Studio and Nendo. Nichetto studio is placed in Italy and Sweden too. This allows to mix the Scandinavian and Italian design. Therefore, it has a huge versatility and a worldwide recognition. On the other hand, Nendo is setted in Tokyo and Milan. Taking part of the Japanese and Italian design. Together they made this sofa produced by the Danish brand &tradition. This seek to join the traditional values with the contemporary design. They believe in a design which perdures the passage of the time.

Isole has been a challenge for this two studios for the geographic distance that is between them. They have worked on-line and this has supposed a huge defiance. The main inspiration which they arrived to create Isole, as it name says in Italian, are the islands. It can be appreciated how each of the seats are individual. But this are connected between them with a metallic structure, inspired in bridges.

Isole rises from the union of Nichetto Studio and Nendo. It was thought as functional and minimalist, taking care of each detail of each form

It is thought to be of one, two or three places. The sides can be combined in different ways. It can be placed an armrest, or a coffee table, rounded or rectangular. If it is places only for one place, the seat can stands without any kind of complement. Or maybe it could have two or one of this elements. Each for a side. This modularity allows to have a wide range of opportunities in the composition and the use.

The space occupied of Isole can be very variated, going from a living room to an office. The particularity of the forms is that it is very respected the individual space of the people. There is no kind of confusion of how many people can be sit on the sofa. It is clear how many places has. The main materials that conform Isole is foma CMHR for the seats and the elastic fabric which gives coating and colour to the sofa. Structurally it is used powder-coated steel and MDF for the coffee table.

The join between this seats it’s very simple. With the same steel rod which creates the sofa structure, are joint under the seat with fittings. In concrete, as of the legs, where it is all the weight underpinned and there are any auxiliary structure made. So it is more comfortable to join them. It is a furniture with curved forms, but it has an attractivity and simplicity which highlights from the rest.