KUU, the moon that can be hided or appear

KUU is a lamp designed by Elina Ulvio. This designer comes from Helsinki and has experience as architect too. Her creations originate from the construction of the space. Being in this way functional, and giving useful features to her objects. She has been design award-winning several times, alone or in the Luomo collective.

In this case she light us with KUU, a curious and minimalist lamp that its main peculiarity is that can be moved in a reversible way. This option allows multiple positions and focus on the space that is being illuminated. Its spherical form allows to rotate it in a easier way and without any overexertion. Emphasize also that the rotation angle is unlimited thanks a coupling without any rope of electricity between the pieces.

As the oval form as the light, they are made from plywood painted with acrylic colours. The form of the oval allows to subject the spherical light only with an axis, being this way stable and allowing the rotation of this light. In fact, the position of the light can be vertical or horizontal. Also the cable that gets out of this lamp is simple and the colour is in line with the lamp.


KUU in Finnish means ‘moon’, which is related in perfection with its form and colours. At the same time the light is clear, neat and pure

KUU can be presented in two different colours, but always basic. White and black. Colours that can be related with the concept of the moon, also easy to combine with the space that would it be placed or would like to be placed. The spherical light can be placed in differents points of the oval, so the main axis of the light does not only have a fixed place.

Finally, the KUU design is simple but pure, careful with each of the details that are shown. It’s not a lamp that annoys the sight, but the user is who chooses where is focused the light and how strong it focuses. In this case, it can be said that we can control the moon by our taste.