Le Plongeoir, ephemeral architecture for free expression


Built during the micro-architecture festival Archi 20, Le Plongeoir is a 20sqm structure that emerges as an unconventional isolated cabin on the landscape of the Alsacian town of Muttersholtz. An ephemeral architecture installation -made out of wood and corrugated polycarbonate- designed by Spray Architecture with the aim of responding to basic needs such as refuge, contemplation and rest, within a natural environment.

Based on architect Claude Parent’s theories, Le Plongeoir doesn’t limit the spatial perception to horizontal and vertical plane, but it introduces a new spatial dynamic: the oblique. This sloped form generates a space that invite us to enter and stay inside it; a space to be colonized and appropriated that changes our way of living the architecture.

Le Plongeoir is an ephemeral architecture installation designed to connect both with landscape and people

Thus, Le Plongeoir –the springboard– is presented as a stepped construction that dematerializes as we ascend. OSB wooden boards are replaced by translucent polycarbonate sheets until reaching a higher platform that overlooks the vast landscape. At this point of contemplation and recreation, the sunlight floods the whole space creating appealing visual games and a direct connection with the outdoor environment.

le-plongeoir-spray-arquitectura-more-with-less-13le-plongeoir-spray-arquitectura-more-with-less-05Set on pilotis, with a minimal impact on landscape, Le Plongeoir is stablished as a place for appropriation whose final aim is to create an interaction with the user. An architecture created to be lived, transformed and evolve over time through graffiti as a show of free expression. This relation set between architecture and this graphic art represents the first example of Graffitecture: a structure specially designed to be intervened by graffiti works; an art that is, at the same time, admired and prosecuted.le-plongeoir-spray-arquitectura-more-with-less-04le-plongeoir-spray-arquitectura-more-with-less-11le-plongeoir-spray-arquitectura-more-with-less-01


le plongeoir-spray architecture-ephemeral-drawing-01



Team: Chloé Kessler & Gabrielle Vella-Boucaud (arquitectos), Antistatik, THTF, The INjustice (artistas), Moog Charpentes, Technopieux (construcción)

Illustration by: Thibaut Rassat

Photos by: Chloé Kessler & Gabrielle Vella-Boucaud