Leica X3, a different point of view to classic photography.

Leica X3 is how the young Scandinavian designer Vincent Laine has named his brand-new project. His work is inspired by the craftsmen environment which has been involved in his life since he was a child. Keeping in touch during his childhood with carpenters, tailors and painters. This creative atmosphere is reflected in his personal use of the nearby tools. These days Vincent is working as an Industrial Designer in Leica Camera Ag, a company from Leica, which is one of the main business that manufacture precise optic tools.

“I believe in photography as one of the most powerful ways of artistic expression”. Vincent said affectionately about Leica X3 design.


As a result, technology and design are all unified in the same product. Combining the manageability and lightness of a mobile phone with the quality and precision of a compact camera achieves an innovative and improved object. As a gesture to the brand, Leica X3 is formally based in the circular of the logotype.

In addition, camera’s functionality maintains a narrow relation with the circumferences shapes. Only by swiping the screen it activates the device, and then adjust aperture, exposure and the shutter speed parameters. It also includes two kind of visors, analogic and digital. Likewise the option of using Bluetooth to connect and a your phone as an external  screen. Besides of that, another fact that makes it unique is the quickly way of sending pictures to any dispositive connected.

Leica X3 also includes a portable and inductive charger. An adaptable and interchangeable head allows charging separately an extern battery and the camera at the same time. In that way they have an incentive purpose of using it outdoor and for long periods of time. Additionally, a coloured led system indicates the battery level of charge, warning when it’s low and insufficient.