M-Lamp, light in movement

M-Lamp is a Project developed by the multidisciplinary studio Razy 2. This Polish studio tends to create and include new solutions to the yet oversaturated design field. With each of their tests, they make another step in what personal and partners develop refers. Knowing and learning more about new technologies, materials, finishes, ways of production and it’s relation to products. Formed by the designers Jacek Ryń and Karol Imialkowski; and the architect Paulina Ryń, the studio Razy 2, covers different projects. Their clients, industries and business, they are not equal between them, so they create a wide variety of interesting products. Nowadays they have been working in the areas of automobiles, industry, interior design, manufacturing and rehabilitation. Their experience in product design and their ability to combine it with other projects and methodologies made them a versatile and imaginative studio.

With M-Lamp they hope to create an elegant and functional lamp. Formed by circular and tubular structures, it maintains a uniform aesthetic. Moreover, there is the possibility of modifying its position, changing then the height of the lamp, the length of the arm or the angle of light projection. A wide range of alternative which interacts directly with the user, offering to him an optimum solution in each situation.

The chromatic range of M-Lamp makes it an atemporal icon. The basic colors, black and white, are complemented with the refreshing colors, chewing gum ping and aquamarine Green, giving then a juvenile and friendly tone.

Besides of that, there is a defining characteristic of M-Lamp, its magnetic mechanism. Thanks to it you could move easily the light source, wherever you want and with precision.

It was a collaboration with the Krzywy Komin Centre why the concept of M-Lamp was born. The center organized some workshops concerning light, during the “Kids Design Space”. Also, cooperating with the lighting Company Chors, which manufactured the first prototype.