Maison de Madame by FMAU


Maison de Madame is a unique residence in Sarlat-la-Canéda, in southwest France by the French architect studio, FMAU. This project is composed of 4 entities: la maison de madame (the madame’s house), la maison de monsieur (the mister’s house), an autumn-winter “base” and a-spring-summer terrace.


La maison de monsieur is an independent entity from the plinth which also supports la maison de madame, a house constructed in the XX century. Although La maison de madame is detached from La maison de monsieur, both structures feature the same materials. Furthermore, both sections house a bedroom and a bathroom, which have direct access to the terrace.


Maison de Madame is a unique and minimalist residential project that is composed of 4 parts: la maison de madam, la maison de monsieur, an autumn-winter base and a spring-summer terrace


The four parts of the project stand out within their context. La Maison de Madame project floats in the middle of a garden, that one descends to the autumn-winter “base”. Dressed in a warm white hue, the base is aligned along the south side, in continuity with la maison de madame, to allow its occupants to enjoy the sunshine and morning rays.


The development of the Maison de Madame project realises the preference of a residential lifestyle  that resembles one closer to hotel than to that of the house. The bedrooms, bathrooms and boudoir spaces are the centrepieces of the project, and the areas where the inhabitants spend the most time. The autumn-winter and spring-summer spaces are dedicated for friends and guests. The dining room is equipped with a large table that is used for the computer, meals and books. Furthermore, it can also accomodate up to 6 guests.


The spring-summer terrace can accomodate up to 60 people, and it features silver poplars which filters in the soft sunset light. Without it, the terrace space becomes a solarium during the first days of spring.