Sitting on Mr. T

After researching the different typographical fonts and characters, duverellGIERTZ found the reason for his next project, based on a basic shape which creates an archetypical seating furniture. Mr. T is a graphical and minimal stool collection with clear and sharp silhouette but soft edges. To highlight the vertical tube which hugs the horizontal with a careful detail.


Filling a room with the Mr. T stool in different directions and heights, offers a dynamical environment of textures and colors, and a space to stimulate conversation and interaction.

Mr. T is a stool that invites the user to explore different sitting ways.


The different models are made from a carcass of steel tubing and plywood with padding of molded polyurethane foam.

The essence of the stool is the minimal expression of “sitting”, where the rounded shapes encourage to use it creatively. During the design process, the team purified and reduced the idea to the simplest shape, sculptural and naked.


The horizontal tube looks like it creates direction on the space and indicates movement. Thanks to its spinning, it allows the user to use it in different positions, depending on who you are talking to, like you were on a rodeo bull.


The different possibilities of sitting create a flexible environment, where the spin invites to be alert, talk and stimulate the game.

The stool is intended to be used in public spaces and invites people to have more open and creative meetings.


Photographies from OlaGiertz.