Narin Chair changes the perception of folding chairs

Narin Chair is a folding chair designed by David Irwin. This British industrial designer is enforced by a traditional process of manufacture, but at the same time contemporary. Usually he combines the conceptual thinking with the utility. Creating this way some simple, innovative and refined products. But this highlights for its timeless designs. He won the Young Designer of the Year 2013 and he work with companies and manufacturers well-known.

The main idea of Narin relapses in the little spaces on modern life. Nowadays the spaces of some homes are more reduced. In London, it has made a standard reduction of the space of living for each person, only 37 m2. At the end, the inhabitants of this little spaces search a good design with good quality to live into them. Apart from this, they seek for versatility and functionality in the products, not only filling spaces, but actions.

In detail, with this chair it’s saved a lot of space and time. First of all was designed the chair to be more comfortable and functional. Then the folding system was thought to keep the main structure. As of this it has been thought the gears to fold the chair the best way without losing the main form. The design is very elegant. It is predominated the soft transition of the sweep between the front legs and the back. The fixings of the inferior part are slipped on the back legs.

Narin Chair is an elegant design considered as an exhibited object when it isn’t in use and functional with its transition of sweep

In Narin, the fact of being well folded and saved win a plus in the design. It can be joined some of them and create a group of them, also can be hanged on the wall if it is necessary. Being folded is also a social fact. All we know the cheap folding chair that we save on the wardrobe, also the classic and expensive chairs. With Narin is pretended to change this conception. So, without losing quality, is a beautiful when is folded and when is used, without an exuberant price.

The main materials of the back and the seat are birch with the finish of a sheet made by oak or walnut. This is varnishing in transparent polyurethane and the fixings are of stainless steel. The legs and the frame are made of massif wood. They are simple and pure materials, where it can be appreciated that they haven’t been modified for a long time and in the set of them acts the simplicity of the chair. Creating this way an elegant silhouette and soft lines.