NIM, a chair by Yonoh Studio for Inclass

NIM is a chair designed by Yonoh. This Valencian design studio was founded in 2006 by the young designers Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma. Looking for the simplicity of design is what characterize them the most, without forgetting functionality. Based on innovation and originality avoiding extravagance. The philosophy they maintain is about studying meticulously each detail. All these characteristics made them a versatile studio, able of solving problems in different situations. Their way of thinking and also their creative point of view had led them to work as associated teachers for CEU Cardenal Herrera University, in Valencia. Moreover, Clara and Alex have been award-winning of prestigious design prizes worldwide. Red Dot, IF design award and Good Design among others.

In this occasion, they have developed NIM, a new chair for the Inclass Company. Since they were founded in 1990 the company have been focused on design furniture for public and private areas. All their product line stands out thanks to their elegance, atemporal design, and fluid shapes. They have a human a personal sense, where the user needs and his relation with the environment have the main role. Looking for ergonomy and comfort, optimizing to the maximum the product and making it more accessible.

Unifying craftsmen tradition, the actual fabrication methods and the added value of an author’s design is what really defines Inclass Brand. And following this way and working with Yonoh they created NIM chair.

NIM’s idea came up by questioning the ability to establish a dialogue with the habitat. Each shape was chosen wisely, highlighting its enveloping design, friendly and elegant. Starting with slight and human curves, those parts of the body which are in constant contact with the chair.