Nocto, the minimalist chandelier by Normann Copenhagen

Nocto is a candelabrum which the Swedish designer Pontus NY has developed for the Danish design company Normann Copenhagen. Pontus is a designer with extensive experience that covers projects from different disciplines. Projects of automotive development, product for the habitat, experimental projects, etc. Forming in the School of Applied Art and Design tries to create designs for the user to have a new or improved experience of their environment.


His product, Nocto is a minimalist chandelier with a modern design and strong visual expression. Nocto has a handle that facilitates its movement and transport by the user. Its main function is to hold a single candle. But design works well both individually and in groups of several chandeliers. In this way, if the user wants different points of light, he can generate compositions using several products.

The Nocto candlestick, gets its name thanks to the original function of the chandelier: to provide light at night



The purpose of this project was to reinterpret the classic chandelier. For the development of the product, the designer has taken the shape of the chandelier to its minimum expression. In this way, the relationship between the candlestick and the candle can be focused.

For its development, a zinc plate previously cut and bent has been used. With this unique material and a simple process the designer gets a product that perfectly fulfills its function. To improve the stability of the candle, in the center part of the candlestick we find a protruding tip where the user should color the candle.



Nocto is available in different colors to increase the versatility of the product. We can find it in black and white, bright green and blue, inviting pink and mint.