One Well Known Sequence, art and design

One Well Known Sequence is a line of luminaire developed by Michael Anastassiades. A London designer who seeks to explore contemporary notions of culture and aesthetics through a combination of products, furniture and environmental design.  His projects are between art and design, and his works seek to provoke the interaction and amazement of the users.

Michael Anastassiades’ work is featured in permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the Craft Council in London, the FRAC Centre in Orleans, France, and the MAK in Vienna.


The One Well Known Sequence series was created for the Nilufar Gallery, located in Milan. At that time the collection had eleven lights combined with brass fittings. But this year, the designer has introduced black anodized aluminum as new material for the collection. This new collection continues to communicate the same qualities of luxury and care for the small details, but this time through a new material.

One Well Known Sequence, a collection of lamps using tubular bulbs and metal rods arranged in different positions


The designs are seen as a parallel repetition of rods. Either as a metal structural element or as a tubular LED light.  Throughout the collection, we find the essence of the product arranged in different positions: While some lights hang on perpendicular strings, others are located on the ground with a base that provides stability. Or recline as horizontal bars stacked on top of each other providing twice the illumination.


All the products of the collection are handmade, with natural finishes, exposed to external elements without protection lacquers. The designer considers oxidation as part of a process that adds beauty through different patinas.